Sunday, March 14, 2010

Now I'm Excited! And You Will Be Too

I found this place after much struggling and thinking and thinking. Now why, you might ask, didn't I realise that of course this would be available on that good old internet. Why indeed, especially since maths makes my brain hurt. Knit On The Net has a place where I can make a knitting graph/grid so I can plot and scheme and plan in knitspeak. Yes. Yes it does.
I need to make cuffs for my new jacket you see. I've spent a fortune and an eon trying to match or equal some excellent orange wool I bought years ago from Marta's Yarns. They've discontinued the shade and so has every other wool manufacturer in the entire world. Everyone is so brick, so earthy, so not bright and true and so extremely earth mother. What happened to the modern space age rave culture revolution?
I bought dye today and wool to dye and dyed said wool, only to find it did not set. I did the microwave thing, but didn't do the ironing heat thing. It washed straight out. Leaving behind a soft pretty colour mind, but no bright tangerine orange. $$ I did meet my Dad for lunch so the time wasn't wasted.
But I persist. Perhaps Etsy has come to the party. Perhaps. USA, more money and I'd better like this jacket. I'm relearning patternmaking for the jacket. I bought RMIT"s book on the subject for th jacket. I'm working for the next three weeks just to pay for ten aborted attempts at the cuffs for goodness's sake!
It's a hard task master I have I tells you.