Sunday, January 22, 2017

My First Born Is 40! So...

The real colours are a bit softer. I liked it so much it was hard to give away (which is the best mark of a good present). All made using woollen blankets, the ducky blues hand-dyed.
Size: 2.5 metres square. Huge! Roll on winter. It was very hot making this beauty.
He looks happy. Is he happy?
Now I'm cutting a smaller one the same, for us, because we need those colours in our lounge-room and the OTL always pulls up a blanky and has a little sleep.


Both of these photo's were taken during Mum and Dad's honeymoon, April 1955, when Mum was 21 years old.
Having a sky as background makes them work as tapestries, I reckon. 

Go to my Etsy shop if you want anything done, won't you.

Monday, January 02, 2017

The One True's Log Cabin Quilt

Made mostly using vintage Japanese silks.
The idea is (as I keep saying) to use my stash. But... I had to buy extra, which is like having permission to go sick at the lolly shop (Kazari/Ziguzagu). Plus use Phillips Shirts fabric for the back.
The quilt is around 1.2-3 metres square.
The anomaly in the corner was accidental, but I'm happy to leave it.

Back, obviously. I put a facing all round to get a good edge. It's difficult otherwise to do the zig-zags neatly.

Garden January 2nd 2017

Who else do you know gets a shed for Christmas?
And some steps?