Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What I Need Is..........

.......old cards. Anyone got some they don't want? They can be Chrissy cards, baby cards, wedding cards or anything... don't have to be this funky even though...

I'll swap. I'll pay postage. I'll buy if they're op-shopped or something. Top Secret idea but... you know I'll share later on, I can't help myself... but not yet.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Surely I have Enough Now

My fingers are in no danger of burning. I'm not entirely sure about the carry-on around the eyes, but the other half likes it and I like him to be happy. If I had a strong opinion I'd stick to it, but I don't. The backing fabric was a stained scrap that I found somewhere and kept even though it was grubby and a bit icky. It's perfect and there's none left. I like using up my bits.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Went To The Gallery Today

I always feel so frustrated at the gallery. Jumpy and a bit cross. I want to get home immediately, take the week off and paint like this. It's all too much. How incredibly beautiful are these?
If I won Big Brother I'd pay off the mortgage, resign from my albeit rather interesting job, make the one true keep me in the manner to which I am accustomed and then I'd stitch, paint, garden, walk and drink coffee at the local cafe while I read the paper slash caught up with friends and family. I'd walk to the coffee house so as to kill two birds with one stone. I'd write books too, maybe also at the cafe like JR.Rawlingson or whatever her name is... Cheesy love stories where nice things happen to nice people or daring adventure stories with time travel and paradoxical occurences. And Cedric wouldn't die. Though Hermoine wouldn't neccessarily marry Harry so I would take pains strike a balance between the two.

Mum Gave Me This

It's a gen-u-ine doiley press. Pyrographed beautifully. She has another and she almost gave them both to me... The other was made by my Grandma and covered with the fabric from Mum's first strapless dress. Renegged at the last minute! I'll wrestle it from her at a later date.
I enjoyed ironing my doileys, many also given by Mum and made by her and Grandma. Special!


It's that new half cotton half bamboo and the bamboo side of thigs is as soft as rayon. It's quite like rayon too, I wonder if it will last as long. As in not long.

The pattern is from Monthly Dishcloths. Although, really, would you wash your dishes with it? I think it's a little bit small, so I'm gonna crochet around it, since I'm not scared of crochet anymore after my apron 'break-the-icer'.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby's Apron Is Done

It now has avocado on it too! Sadie's not all that fussed though. I did put it on her for a minute before I took these photo's, but she didn't want it back after that. "No" she said, quite definitely! Now, without warning, she has fallen asleep in my arms. So much for typing. If I try to put her down it'll be all over!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My First Facewasher

It turned out a bit skewed. The cables pull it in and I've pressed it to make it this square... AND I more or less followed a pattern too. But there it is, my first ever washcloth as they call it over there. Facewasher. I used a mixture of pink fine cotton with some scrap of green cotton, then with string and then with the new AMAZING bamboo/cotton mix in the lime like green.
That bamboo is incredible! Has anyone made anything with it and washed it and washed it to see how it wears? I want to make everything out of it from now on in.
10 out of 10.
P.S. Next Day: The cables hurt your face!! It's only any use in the bath!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Start Of A Great Love Affair

My first ever embroidery. Two hand towels, big enough for baby hands. Wandin Yallock Primary School 3011 (I think... that just popped out of my brain so I'm willing to go with it). Grade 4? Can't remember, but I was thinking about these the other day. I recall how much pleasure the design and colours gave me. Mum still had them and gave them to me yesterday. Huccaback, however you spell it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Remember The 'Stuck On A Desert Island' Scenario?

As in, which book would I take to said island? And why is it always a desert island?
Well, looking (in Images) for something to inspire me for the sheets I want to make and embroider, I found that some dear person has scanned this entire book... my equal-first favourite and probably (historically) most useful book:

This book is amazing, truly amazing. It's language is beautiful, calling the materials 'stuffs' and evoking one to the execution of excellent decorative and feminine arts with the needle. It was written in the early 1800's and has been reprinted since then as far as I can tell. It always amazed me to see what the ordinary housewife was expected to know and do, and I've always hoped to be named amongst them by much application.

You must 'Favourite' this link. YOU MUST!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Queenie & Rose

Available at 'MINE - Kids in Olinda'. Finished in the nick of time. I might go take some better pics... I left the one true to do it but didn't say what I wanted and he's no girl, so doesn't know how to put her proper like. He's good at arty stuff, but not doll stuff. For example, I embroidered their names on the soles and it looks nice. And the other eyes are blue. And her tail is lovely and fluffy. He did his best and I still like him.
Pattern available here.

Queenie & Rose Bunny are each other’s very best friends. They share all of their ideas and play lots of sport too. You might think they’re just the same but Queenie and Rose are two very different little girls. Rose loves to listen to music, but Queenie prefers to read. Queenie’s favourite colour is blue wheras Rose likes pink by far the best.
The girls are ‘dicephalyus’ twins which is very, very unusual. They think they’re lucky… Queenie and Rose always have someone to talk to!
Made using vintage, pure-silk kimono fabrics, discarded rabbit fur from my Mum's old (ex) lapin coat.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Queenie & Rose

For Carolyn's new shop in Olinda (opening on Thursday), which I will report more about when I know more. It's a groovy, crafty, kiddies shop. I love making these dolls! I'd forgotten!

My Old Pin Cushion, Just Washed

I bought this for not much money at a local shop a few years ago. There was "I Love You" and "You Are Special". The girl in the shop was always grumpy, surly, unwelcoming and reluctant to help and when I asked her who made the pin cushion, the reply that she had surprised me. That is until I got home... and I stuck all of my pins into the words. Very funny! Beautiful!
10 points.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

I Bought This Today!!

It makes a beautiful, pretty, twinkly sound when you move it and if you bump it, it bowls over and then rights itself. Such a darling!

Friday, July 04, 2008

"All Of Those Nice Boys"

Graeme, Henry, Ian, Jeffrey, Knut, Lawrence, Marion, Neil, Olewali, Peter, Quincey, Robert and Steve.

22cm x 20cm. Hand drawn, ink on ( archival) watercolour paper.

$70. Available at my Etsy Shop, or email me.

"Thinking About The Nice Boys".

Edmund and Fiadore.
22cm x 20cm. Hand drawn, ink on ( archival) watercolour paper.

$55. Available at my Etsy Shop, or email me.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Apron In Situ

School holidays. I took a day off today to have the babies up... I'm so tired! You should hear this little one's rendition of (the word) crocodile! It's too funny. Digga-digga-digga-digga-digga-digga-digga-digga-digga-digga-dar.