Saturday, February 04, 2006

Home now and the boy is cooking nice smelling things for me, the working girl...

Lovely day at The Quilters Barn today for our monthly get together. It started out as a regular Crazy Quilt embroidery class, but that finished ages ago and we've kept going. Nice gals. I keep ahead of them by bluff, pretending I'm still the boss.

Next month is on March 18th from 10am to 3.30, with a half hour lunch break. Everyone is doing something different next month. Two 'Bobble Cushion's' (Picture up there, Pattern $15.00 + $1 Post within Australia, or join a class) and one 'Abigail & Bronwyn' (I'll show you the girls later). The rest are continuing on with their crazies. Had a newcomer today who began her Crazy.

We all eat at Julie's husband's Cafe (sorry, I nearly know his name) and as usual I drink too much coffee. Why do I do that? It's a peversion, and a strange one because it makes me feel lousy and iikkk! Addiction I know and one I'm gonna fight.

Julie (Wallace) wasn't there, off writing books and designing fabric and probably building a new wing on the house in her lunch break while the jam was simmering and the casserole was on. She's amazing.

The Quilt Hanging is on soon, 26th Feb. I hope to have my 'Happy Bunny Baby Quilt' there, with some patterns to sell inside. For details of goings on.

It's the nicest town. I bought a groovy cat at the op shop. The old lady who runs it is a real character, not terribly friendly or chatty but quite a character (I said that again because she is). She said she hated it (the cat) but still charged me $5.00. And I bought that book, 'Island of the Blue Dolphins' which I loved as a child for a sensible 50c.

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