Friday, March 30, 2007

Back To Work On The Rabbit's Cubby, Yipee!

I've been a bit unwell. That old girl's disease: Graves Disease, which sounds way more impressive than just saying a boring overactive Thyriod. Good way to shift those stubborn kilo's. Whoo Hoo! Almost back to normal now and the only reason I mention it is that I'm suddenly frantic to resume my frantic stitching pace. BUSTING! Seems like the last 6 months have an ample excuse now (for apparent laziness and lack of motivation that is).

Back to The Rabbit's Cubby. Yay!

The time off has given me perspective on a few things. Design things I mean. I've been getting the pieces to an almost finished point (maybe ten or more so far), not being sure how I want to bring it all together but neither am I worrying about how just yet... I prefer to let things buzz around in my head until the 'abstract' idea takes form... and I think it has. The lace pieces are a happening thing in my mind, and that's good too! It's all good!
I want to stitch my little fingers to the bone as I've always done, as fast as I can.

It delights me so much I can hardly bear it. I'd be terribly easy to satisfy on a desert island or er... ah.. in poverty. Just a scrap of paper, fabric and a reel of cotton. In fact, with the lace you only need thread! And paper and maybe a scrap of contact to keep it all in place. Oh yes and a needle. Probably a pencil. And my glasses and I'd have to take the children and of course the grandchildren. And my light.

So just to remind you and myself... here are the pictures again.


Anonymous said...


You're the first blogger (and person) I've ever known to say they have Grave's.

I've been known to shed 15 kilos in 10 days.

The good news is that I can still craft, though the hands can give me a little trouble. I've had it for years now. Something I've learnt to live with. I try to avoid nasty shocks - deadly.

Finally. Someone who understands.

Rabbit's looking good. I keep checking back to see what you're up to.

Bobby La said...

Hey, sisters in arms! I told the doctor I wanted another 7 kilo's off but he said I'd possibly drop dead! Oooh, dramatic! Mr Snippy!
But I'm so well, just a bit of leg ache, no muscle tone anywhere. Bony shoulders.
My left wrist has suffered with (probably) repetitive strain from holding embroideries, and I've always been in a hurry so who knows which is me and which is Graves?
I'd be anorexic-minded and slip off the meds for a bit here and there to get trim but hmmm... too vain for the oggle eyes that can come with unbalanced treatment...
Glad you're still there! I'll get new things on as I go don't you worry.

Melisa Bakos said...

my mother has had graves untreated for years. She was always having strange illnesses when the usual thyroid tests were done they came up normal it wasnt until she got really sick that all the thyroid tests were don on her that they found that she had graves. it is so advanced that she hardly has a thyroid any more the body had attacked it so long. I am glad they figured out what was wrong with her. when she was doctoring before they kept thinking that she was depressed or that it was all in her head... thyroid troubles are scary. best of wishes in dealling with it.