Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Time Traveller's Wife

I just finished this book and wanted to share (I read plenty that I don't share).
It's beautiful. Clever without being Clever Trevor. It's tender and not tender. I had little tears at the corners of my eyes when I finished and had thought it would make a good movie, if you could. Apparently they are, with our Eric (Chopper) Bana. 2008. Ha! I just realise that, when I read 2008 I thought, Oh It's only a twinkle in someone's eye, but that's soon! Hope it's good...
I saw it at the bookshop and on an unusual impulse, bought it. It's the time travel thing... I love it. The universe confirmed my intended purchase by naming Clare and Lucille as two of the characters. Two of my daughters, although my Claire has an 'i'. Good enough!
Not telling any more, just see what you can do, ok?

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sharonb said...

Yep I loved it too. I don't usually go for romance but this is definitely a romance with a twist and such a sad end!