Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Almost First Ever Cross Stitch

I thought it was so beautiful. SO beautiful. I remember where we were going in the car while I stitched. Can't think of the name of the place (sorry).
Anyway my friends, I've finished the inner cloth of the curtains and have only the blue, scalloped borders and the backing to do!!!!!!!!! I'm so exhausted. I pushed it for at least three hours more than my body wanted me to. When I met my daughter to deliver the little boy, she said, "What's up? Are you ok?" We had coffee.
I tried to have a little kip before I cleaned up the Utter Pigsty that is scraps-of-fabric-readily-available-to-make-the-curtains. But I couldn't sleep. Now I'm stoically pushing through, with a nice distraction here with you.


shula said...

Don't worry.

You can sleep when it's finished.

That's what I usually do.

For about 3 days.

Victoria said...

LOOOOVE that patchwork. The colors, the little designs, the first ever cross stitch, all of it.