Sunday, August 17, 2008

Two Great Photo's Of My Mum

She really was a beauty! I think I'll have a go at making a painting from one of these, probably the lower one.
I've spent the night trying to make a slide show... successfully according to my computer, but my lap-top doesn't recognise any type of CD I've burned. I'm hoping the church has its own computer... or we're stuffed!
Or, I am advised that I could save the whole lot to a BSB memory stick and into My Pictures and then play it via there. Problem is, I'm supposed to be at the venue to try it out at 9am and my BSB is at work and I can't even get a new one in time. 9am and all that. I believe I will figure it out.
Frustrating but!
It's hard work doing this. Sad. Today I'm finding it all too difficult to believe true. Even though I was there. She's still new in my day to day memory. Dad's a wreck.
Thanks for all the nicenesses too people, so vey moving to be surrounded by your love and kindness. xxx


shula said...

Let's catch up when this all clears.

And you look like your mum.

Victoria said...

That would make a beautiful painting. I hope the technology co-operated, it would be amazing for everyone to see a slideshow of all the photos from different times in her life.