Thursday, September 04, 2008

Me, Some Time Ago.

Found in the deep recesses of my father's house.
Dad had just picked me up from Sydney and brought me back to my Granny's house in Yackandandah. That's me on the left, newly hippified and saying Far Out and changed forever. There's my dear friend Rhonda, who coincidently had moved to Yack where we became best ever friends. Everyone wished I was more like her... responsible, good and well... responsible. I kind of agreed. Lovely girl.
A few months later, Christmas Eve. My brother was in NZ and it was the first Chrissy without him. Mum was sad and I can't find the photo of her from that night. It's my favourite. I'm 17 and a half.
18 ans 2 days and just about to go get married for f##!!'s sake. Grandma made and embroidered the cossie. It had a big white wool half circle skirt with velvet rainbow around it.

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Victoria said...

Such a cool group of photos. You look like there is a lot of mischief in there!!