Saturday, February 07, 2009

It's A Bit Hot! 46.7 Celcius/116 Fahrenheit In Melbourne!!

This is crazy! It hit a couple of points under 49 degrees celcius down at Avalon! That's 120 fahrenheit! There are fire's a bit too close for comfort. I have the photo's ready to go... I've bagged up some embroideries and done a mental catalogue of what else to take and where it is. We'll be ok though, the fire's not coming this way and this is strangely a very safe little pocket. The PATCH! True! It's not where trouble heads.
Ross is just about to clear the next-door's driveway. A tree came down over it and if they had to, they couldn't get out.
This is hottest day on record.
Shit! They're evacuating or executing fire plans about 18k from here.
I can hear helicopters going over. They went over the other night... Elvis, the absolutely amazing fire-fighting copter. It's HUGE and was accompanied by a regular Police chopper. It's freaky and exciting to watch. It goes and gets water near here for the fire and then dumps it, with fire retardent stuff.
Aah! The cool change is starting. Amazing how it can drop 20 degrees in as many minutes. Tomorrow's meant to be showery and 24 degrees (75.5 F).
That's Melbourne for you.


The Rustic Victorian said...

Wow, you sound stressed,,,and I dont blame you with a fire so close,and the sun so hot. It's enough to make you want to run away to some cool place. I am glad it is cooling a bit. do you have Air conditioning? Take care.

Bobby La said...

i don't feel so stressed, but you just have to be alert. where are you?

SusanBluerobot said...

Know how you are feeling , we are sitting here all morning listening to the abc radio at all the stories from people .
I was soo glad that the relief did come last night and this one did not last for 4 days like last week
from a fellow melbourner