Saturday, May 09, 2009

More and More and More and More and...

Baby. I've just put eyebrows on. 1 1/2 anyway. I like this one.

You can't see it, but just off camera there's a really funny clown. He just told a joke about a goat. I wasn't listening so I'm not really sure.

This little vampire/blow-up-doll was meant to be singing. She looked like she was a choir girl kindly singing Christmas Carols on a frosty Christmas Eve somewhere in the 19th Century.

I can't think. Dad's just had a hip op (worked well) and I'm staying there looking after him. I'm doing Cert IV in Training & Assessment too, which is so huge and arduous that this alone would cause my brain to freeze. Of course, our company has decided that we should do the course over 12 weeks, in spite of the Tafe continuously asking them to review the situation... lotsa homework and Dad to boot. It's brought the whole Mum dying thing back too, the same hossie, the same sleeping over. And I'm such a home bod, I need my home quiet time.
Stop ya whinin' woman.
Not whining, just sharing! Be nice!
Anyway, these take no brain. Pity I forgot that I'd smallened the eyes (I know smallened isn't really a word) on the previous incarnation of this design. It looked better too. Bugger! These are for the kids and two spares.


shula said...

Smallened is so too a word.

It's the opposite of embiggened.

They're all fabulous, but that last one?

Sent me.

You might not be getting much quiet time at home, but you're doing alright elsewhere, apparently. That's a shitload of stitching.

Jennifer Perkins said...

I love these! Super fun. Wanted to stop by and tell you I blogged about your amazing card dresses today. The kitty one just blew me away with its radness!

Victoria said...

I hope your Dad's doing well now and your getting more time to sit and do your thing! xxoo