Monday, August 17, 2009

Making Sweet Lerve To/For The One True

Luff. He's shy... Aw!!
This is such a great pattern, very nice feel to it. Go and have a look and give it a try. People don't immediately notice the friskiness of it all and so it's not in anyone's face.
This is the pattern... 'We Call Them Pirates' by Adrian Bizilia, with an overlay of 'Fornicating Deer' by Anne Rutten. My fella is very happy. He says it's the best hat he's ever had in his whole life! I might get some good old fashioned proper attention out of this. Only took me a week or two and all! Maybe I could cash in for a little while??


Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Yeah, it's nice!!
Brownie points for you!!!!
Saw that the trip has been postponed :0(
Oh well, it's nice to start the garden. We are almost planting the front garden, very exciting...
Have fun on the train!
xx2 Hilke

aykayem said...

love the hat!
(hmmm one thing boggles my mind though - the person who designed the pattern - her surname is RUTTEN and she designed ... that ... ROTFLOL)
btw ... can't remember how I ended up on your blog ... link follows link and so on - and before I know it I have 10 interesting blogs in different browser tabs/windows and I have "lost" an hour or 5 ...