Friday, April 02, 2010

The Bob Cat Man Came At Last!

And we've begun in earnest. True! Since these photo's were taken we've placed two of the big rocks in and mapped out the line for the first ever rock wall on our place. It's good. We're a team. I actually miss this kind of work. Sitting on my (ample) bum all day is not good for the body. I try to walk in the mornings but don't always get to it I'm afraid. Carrying rocks up hills will be good for the Bingo Wings.
Everything's good actually. I'm drafting my basic blocks to make clothes that fit my middle aged pudding body. Ironically, making clothes causes me to eat less. I love clothes. I love making them and I love good design and technique. I get weepy when I see documentaries about good designers. I've nearly finished knitting my jumper and can then start the next thing. Life is good when you're easily pleased.


victoria said...

I love your garden!!

Lady said...

Hi robyne! Thanks for the pic... awesome cupcakes! your blog is great too!
Gina ( train girl)