Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jaden's Hanky Box

It's very difficult to get photo's because of the plastic. I used the same (vintage) cartoon magazine as in Rob's box. The inside is from an old National Geographic. I've cut out a few of the talking bubbles to add here and there, which I'm sure Jadey will appreciate... funny. And added teeth or re-arranged the images. Luckily, in my stash (the stash to end all stashes), I had a space age vintage button. Of course I did! It will have been my Grandma's.

Have a look at the rest HERE. There's a tutorial in there somewhere too. The biggest difficulty is finding an appropriate hole punch.

Myself (aged 28, ages ago), Jaden's Uncle Rob and Aunty Claire and his mother Ruby.

I've got news for you Pal! I don't explode so easily!

This is for Christmas.

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Gillian King said...

Your box is wonderful in so many ways. Especially the photo of you at 28 years.

28 is a perfect sort of age. That was my best year for several decades. Not young and silly, but still shiney and aglow.

A very good year.