Sunday, January 09, 2011

Newest Baby Not Yet Born's Wagga

I've had this green knitted wool for years and love it so much it's hard to use. Ridiculous I know, and I have enough bits left to . I suspect it will be for my eldest grandson's Wagga. The red-orange is from an old cardigan. Both are fine knits and the blanky feels lovely and snuggly. The back is cotton T-shirting. It's quilted with 2 ply wool, quite coarsley.
This is for the cradle, if that where Ruby wants to use it. I made a few sets of sheets too, two with wavey hems at the top for fun. Some in crisp white cotton poplin, and blue T-shirting.
88cm wide and 100cm long, or 34 1/2 x 39inches or therabouts.
Grrr... Just got a phone call from work (today is my last day of holidays) and what I'm doing tomorrow is dread worthy.

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