Sunday, March 06, 2011

I'm A Knitter And It Feels Good

First, the cardigan. The wool is Jaggerspun from the USA, mail bought and beautiful, mixed with Rowan Scottish Heather.
I feel Scottish knitting away in heather wools. It's good. Even if I'm many generations Australian. The baby singlet is a Morris pattern.
It's been so busy at work these last few weeks, late nights and tiring days... I've been knitting. I've discovered knitting and am reading about the history etc, on the train.
Too tired to chat...


Lyndel said...

oh the colours in the cardigan are lovely... beautiful wool.

Anonymous said...

The cardigan is beautiful but must say the single really appeals to my old skool dorky nature.

Pixie said...

What a lovely time I had scrolling through your site and lots of those attached, it took me back to my youth when I was a millinery apprentice at La Petite. I have made so many things in my life usually as a gift and never thought to keep a photo of them even.Feel a bit sad about that