Monday, June 13, 2011

La Drogerie, Paris, for Yarn, & Bayeux Too

We went to La Droguerie in Paris. They have their yarn samples hanging in hanks, and you choose by the number. Then the staff go out the back and wind off however much you've ordered. I bought these clear French blues, which shade subtly. The yarn is a bamboo/linen blend and looked lovely made up. I thought I'd do another Paperdolls, but without Fair Isle, just shading. Dunno yet. 4ply.

Main colour.

2nd shade.

Lightest shade.

Pretty other shade for something else. Too pretty not to buy.

I can't remember the price but it wasn't expensive. Unfortunately, there is no label to recount the colour or describe the yarn. It may have been on the reciept, in French (who knows?). I threw it out. Silly!

This was just interesting and I bought it for no good reason.

And these beauties are from Bayeux Broderie, a shop in Bayeux which sells kits of sections of the Bayeux Tapesrty. I wasnt to make my own design, ala Bayeux style. I started to plan one years ago and now am freshly inspired. The wools are grown in France, and dyed in the colours of the Tapestry. Very yummy!

I have posted all of my decent photo's over on Flickr in the Holiday set.

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Inthesky said...

Gorgeous Holiday Souvenirs, it looks like you chose really well :)