Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Frogged! Starting Again.

So, I've pulled it out because the thing is smaller than my pattern. And I've wondered if it will do, and thought it might... and wondered. But no! It will last for years and must be right! So, zip!

I have printed out some correct graph and will re-do the pattern tomorrow at work. Check here for updates and whereto's.

Note: The second 'lozenge' shaped row looks better with the stitch in the middle huh? And I discovered that the rib looks better on the other side! Hmmpft!


Lyndel said...

OMG you have better nerves than I !!
have to agree the dash in the middle of the lozenge does look better than the solid yellow square. goodluck♥

Inthesky said...

You are just trying to get in tune with the 'Dalesman's Daughter'! "What a change, what a change!" I think it is a lot of work so it is good to get it how you can live with it. It is a very pretty pattern in lovely colours and I do like the lozenge with the stitch in the middle. I could not mange anything like this!


Too beautifully crafted. Nice.