Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I'm Starting Teaching Again!

Kim at l'uccello's has persuaded me to do some classes. She, with her lovely winning ways, and her amazing shop, which will be a dream to teach in... the stuff she sells is so inspiring! The classroom is upstairs but I'm told it will be as beautiful... and of course, all of the goods are for the plucking.
I go there for a pick-me-up sometimes. One week recently I had an awful time at work (can't remember why) so I popped down to Kim's at lunch and bought a little bit of bling. It makes me so happy! I have tiny vases of millinary pearl stamens, and folded up ribbons in pretty floral bags to keep my sprirts up. ETC...!

SO, classes will be in April. Crazy Patchwork construction and embroidery.

Here are some more pictures of my quilt.

The classes (4 Saturday's with one session in the morning and another in the afternoon) will take participants through the basics of:

-Building the crazy patchwork, with instruction on colour and forward planning (for the motifs).
-Traditional border designing (fun).
-Many beautiful and uncommon stitches, which will be applied in specific ways. Nice ways.
-Colour blending, needle painting, needle-lace stitches (3D and textured work).

Whilst I give patterns for the motifs, we'll adapt them to each piece. For example I'll draw, or instruct in drawing the designs individually if the diagram doesn't fit nicely.

Any ideas people have can easily be incorporated, or at least addressed. I always describe other ways to use the stitches they learn, as well as bring examples to show the various ways I have explored the stitches they will be learning. I follow a specific curriculum that has been developed over some sixteen years to help the class to develop their own ideas as much as follow mine.

Each class has more than one outcome, for example: we work a fern design (it’s on one of the cards) and explore colour grading as well as learn an old, little used stitch (my all time fave) and so on for each class… However, a 2 1/2 hour session allows for a gentle pace.

Above all, I've never taken a class that wasn't fun and warm! I love that about us crafters, we're a lovely bunch!


mimi k said...

wow- that shop looks amazing! Wish I was closer and could spend some time poking around.

Anonymous said...

oh how i wish i lived closer i would so be there...your work is so beautiful ...amazing ..and apart for that i would love to meet you day margie