Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Latest Project

I draw incessantly. Designs, this way, that way. Eventually, if the idea sticks, I get around to making the thing.... not always. In fact I have more time to draw than time to do, sadly.
However, I have always wanted to do proper tailoring. My Grandma and her Dah were tailors. I have been talking to them a bit and wishing they were here. I always wish they were here though. And I miss my Mum. This Shingles thing is making me weepy!

I went to dressmaking school but chose to make a cape instead of learning pad stitching (1974 you see). Why they let me I don't know. But good old Youtube and the city library huh! I'm figuring it out.

I bought the fabric for a bargain at Job Warehouse in Melbourne. It's gorgeous English wool and I've been sitting on it for some time, waiting and thinking..... The pattern is cobbled together from a couple of things. Fortunatley I have enough left to make a kilt and fix any stuff-ups.

Wish me luck!

Note: I try to draw my designs on a model that resembles my own figure. I rarely get it right... I can't tell what I look like. No idea.

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