Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunday's Efforts and How To Use Old Drainiage Pipes Most Effectively

Planting our first apple tree. One of 8 to go along the arbour. This one is Cox's Orange Pippin.

This came to him as an obvious solution. Ag pipe, cut into lengths and picked up free via Gumtree, concreted in place and then filled with concrete and water pipe shoved down the middle. It's to hold the wood off the ground to avoid rotting. We're using the Chinese Sapphire (Polonia) wood from Dad's tree, which we  have been coppicing. The wood is quite dark. After we stripped the bark off our hands were stained purplish for a week, and the wood white... but when we went to check the wood under Dad's house, it had gone dark.

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Jules said...

It looks great. I was intrigued about your comment about purple hands so I checked- apparently the bark is used to make a dye! I'll have to hunt some down to try to do with it! Thanks for the tip-off ; )