Monday, November 12, 2012

Granny's Christmas Card Box For S

Note the join in the plastic? I thought I may as well accentuate it rather than try to hide it.


If you print this out on A4 paper, you'll have the right size. See that you have to further draw the pattern for the lid? Just measure 1.5cm all round, as shown partially done.
The images I have used come from pillpat (agence eureka) over at Flickr. I have used her uploads loads of times for loads of purposes. The floral sheet Here. The ship Here. The base Here. Butterfly Here.
Yay pillpat! You really are a star!

The TUTORIAL from a previous project remains the same as for this one.


**The plastic I use is available at Officeworks. It's some kind of Project Cover stuff. I just had a look on the website but can't find it. Ask. It comes in packets of 25 or 100 I think. Stiffish plastic. 
**Thread: I found some Nylon Knitting Ribbon at the Op Shop, but had to buy more to finish. Unfortunately the colours were different but here is where I bought it in any case. Usually I use Crochet Cotton or a combination of ordinary sewing threads mixed together. Bits of string found on the side of the road will do.
** I print the images on 200g card, but it could be a bit thicker. So long as it has a little flexibility. There's some pizza box inside the lid because it's slightly larger than A4. Hope it doesn't go mouldy! Alternative to printing, I cut out images from old books and paste them onto some kind of card/pizza lid.
** The punch I used is an 'EK Success Heavy Duty Hand Punch, Circle .125 inch'. Available online, although you might like to search Dr Google for somewhere nearer to yourself.
A decent hole punch is the hardest thing to find. The link there is to my happy discovery. These are terrific and suit this particular craft. Those bought at Scrapbooking supplies don't manage the task and collapse crying after ten minutes, at the time of writing at least.

Please message me if you find a fault or difficulty in these or the tutorial's instructions, ok?


Bobby La said...

When you follow the link to the pictures, click on one... you'll see it says "all sizes', click on that and download the largest size. Right click on this and save it to a folder or wherever.
I doubt you would be able to make sale-able items but for personal use it's apparently fine.
I then tweaked them in Picasa, just to brighten them up, and later with some colouring pencils and cut outs too.

carol said...

Fabulous article, and you make me laugh ! So nice to see such joyous abandon ! The link to the punch gives a site error. Can you tell me the brand of the punch you use ? Many thanks, carol

Bobby La said...

Carol, I fixed the link.