Saturday, December 01, 2012

Lorna's Hanky Box

This box is a practical size to slip in a drawer... not that I would ever want to hide mine away! The angled sides make it stronger than the first I made of this style. I've used gorgeous Japanese or Chinese paper with card inside and plastic on top (as usual). I think I bought 5 A4 sheets? Hmmm... think so...

Lorna's Hanky Box (right) is made using some beautiful Japanese or perhaps Chinese paper that is available at most art shops these days. It's just too pretty not to buy every time I go near it.

I iron my hankies into a triangle and have designed the box to fit even my larger hankies. I love ironing my hankies when they come out of the wash!

Pretty soap is a must!

The bottom has to be pretty too.

If you print this out on A4, you will have the correct size.
Please go through my Crochet label (here on my blog) for hints and so on. And the turotial is here and a little bit here..

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