Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Old Footstool

I've been collecting old tapestries from the Op Shops for ages now. I can't pass them by. In the past I've made cushions or just stashed them, until I saw these! Well, not these particularly, but this type of thing. Amazing!
The stool was covered with funky pink and grey vinyl, but had ripped and degraded conveniently. It took about 2 hours! I couldn't be happier, unless I owned one of the chairs in the link!

Had to sew a bit on the side of the puppy (in blue)... might need to embroider over the seam. It looks a bit odd.

Our staple gun couldn't cope with the Masonite so I ended up using a thick nylon cord and pulling it in. The braid is old too.


jafabrit said...

I love it. Yes LOVE.

BoPeep said...

Very nice! I love how the girl is off center. Intentional or not, it adds a bit of quirkiness that fits.

Lyndel said...

wow! I've seen tapestries at the Oppy, never thought you could do anything with them but frame them!!! eye opener, and yes ♥ the chairs.

Anonymous said...

fantastic..yes i have collected a few of them from the op shop it all that work but what a great way of using them..happy days margie

Jody Pearl said...


Victorian Rug Makers said...

Robyne, I am just having a look through your blog and love what you did with your tapestry covered foot stool, it is gorgeous. What a wonderful idea.
Was a great day today wasn't it?
Chris fromLoch