Saturday, May 11, 2013

My New Monogrammed Sheet Set

The photo's make it look shinier and a brighter blue. Pretty though! It's pretty anyway. The flash has picked up on the satin weave of the damask. The other piece I embroidered will go into a doona cover. The pillow cases are made using tablecloths from my Granny's pub, which she sold in the 70's.
The piggy doll my Mum made and Abigail and Bronwyn is my own design.

Look how happy the kids are!
I am going to feather stitch around the scallops though. Just have to buy more perle.

It's not actually this blue. Nor are the pillow cases so shiny. It's the flash. The damask feels lovely and old fashioned and warm and heavy and Proper.

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The Sea Garden said...

Fantastic, the monogramming is incredible!