Monday, July 29, 2013

Can't Wait To Work On This Every Day

I've since taken out the greens and am dyeing more (and more) fabric to try and find the right shade.

The floral motifs look like islands here, but are blending in as the background is filled in. I don't have enough of any one shade for the background... Note to self: Take notes! I think I've cracked it now...? Today's batch, that is. I had some gorgeous grass green tones, but have knocked them back a bit with the 'Quarry', which is the slate-ish colour all of the background colours have in varying degrees.

It's difficult to get the right shade in my photo's, but it's a warm, cheerful, greeny, bluey grey. Egg-shell-esque. I've started to blend the next background colour in, by working higgledy-piggledy rows of the first, and coming in with the second so as to avoid a stark break between (as I'd done elsewhere and had to pull it out). Der! I've left the green in so far, but it won't stay there. It's such a pretty shade, but had too little contrast to the slate. 

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