Monday, August 26, 2013

The One True's Preliminary Sketch For His Rug

All worked out with the Golden Mean, of course (ha ha ha). The Aussie crest, and the Eureka Flag.
My great-great-great John Smith was at Eureka.

We'll stick a bit of wattle in the middle somewhere.
'Here's the mighty wattle
The emblem of our land
You can stick it in a bottle
Or hold it in your hand.' (Barry Humphries)

Notice where he plonked Tassie.
I will do it Magdelena Briner Eby style, unless he has other plans for me, which is very possible. I thought this would be good to have on the go, for when I don't want to be too fussy. Country job... although that's an in joke around here because we always end up being fussy.

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