Sunday, September 29, 2013


Excepting for the edges, and I'm not sure how I want to do them yet...

It's quite large really. I may have mentioned but I'm not sure if I did so... it's 164 x 63cm (65 x 25").
I'm just running two rows around the whole of it now, halfway done.
You can see, in this picture, the variety of greys used in the background. I like to use checked blankets in dyeing, so you'll get shades and changes in the hue.
My hubby (darling honey bunch) doesn't like the rug. He says it's Daggy, which, in case that's just an Australian term, means, hmm... old fashioned, but not necessarily in a good way... er... like an old cardigan that's not 'off' enough to be groovy but like your old aunt would wear. Here's a quote from some Urban Dictionary site:
Australian origin (there you go).
adj. not stylish, out of fashion, not trendy, not cool, untidy, unclean, not neat.
v. to have no style.
He means well, the husband. And he's not daggy. But I like it. We agree to disagree.
I can hear a chorus of outraged support, but remember this when you defend me with loving kindness, I have the good fortune to be with someone who cares what colour the doona cover is and who's favourite item has been my Wrapping Cloth curtains. The thing he'd grab if there was a fire.
But, his argument was/is that there is no contrast and therefore the images of the blue flowers and the swathes of leaves just is muddy. The B+W picture illustrates his point.
However, my point was to be subtle. And there it is!

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nice idea :)