Thursday, April 17, 2014

Barbie Magic Knitting Machine Scarves

 Last year I saw these 1988 Barbie Knit Magic knitting machines and scoured Ebay until I found one. Don’t ask how much.
So, I’ve been using so much of my odd-ball stash (yes, and buying more). It takes 8ply the best. These are only some of the scarves I’ve made so far. One regular ball of wool will take maybe 15 minutes!!
And I have the satisfaction of actually finishing things and using up my bits. Brilliant.
My littlest grandson (3) wandered around wearing 6 the other night at my Dad’s 84th birthday dinner. Ha ha ha! Funny.
Reading the reviews on Amazon, people said, when asked what they made (when they were little girls) that they just made the tubes as long as they possibly could!

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