Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fox Footstool Cover

So at last I get around to posting...! Life gets ridiculously busy, but, now that I'm spending time looking after my old, old Dad, it's actually giving me some craft time. Plus, he has a big back verandah where I can set up and make dust without worrying.
Lately though, I drag Mums old, disused ironing board into the lounge room and work on my rug standing up (my preferred position) in front of the tele, where we can chat (actually I just watch my old, old Dad snooze and watch what I want, like 'Arthur 2' the other night). It's just where I used to so the ironing as a child too. Hankies, pillowslips, sheets... remember when we ironed everything?
So, Foxy is for the third foot-stool we have at mine. The other two are cats now. I printed out a heap of fox pictures and use them to do choose how to colour in. Plenty of tweaking to do yet!

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