Friday, July 11, 2014

The Ruggy Seat Covers

OK, here they are. I like the first (pink tabby) the best.

I want to avoid the direction I'm heading, style-wise, and need to think on it a bit.

I like him, and I love the colours, but...

Blossom. You can still get a pattern for Blossom if you email me at For free that is.

There is minimal dyeing here, just the tan colours in the ears. It makes for a different look I feel, and may be part of what I like. I love dyeing though, so there's loads to ponder.

Foxy didn't feel as if it needed bobbles. It's quite chunky. Overall, Foxy gives a lovely warm hue to the kitchen.

Developing your own (my own) style means thinking about (and applying) what you like and don't like. I find that if I have references around me while I work (in Foxy's case it was various photo's of foxes) then I will go in that direction unless I purposely redirect my thinking.
I guess that indicates that there is a style that comes unbidden (and is therefore my own natural tendency), and a style that I seek to satisfy my brain (for example, I can truly hate my drawing style. I have always to apply discipline to avoid going to a hateful place). But it's better if I draw my picture, from whatever references I like, than refer to my drawing instead. If I get that right, the rest will follow.
But, it's not a biggie. It's not Rembrandt. It's all fun and when I say fun I mean heaps of fun. Rug hooking is a lovely thing to do.


Jelena said...

These are adorable! Great work! :)

Becky said...

Foxy is my favorite. He's amazing! And of the two cats, I like Blossom best. You are very talented!

Unknown said...

Oh, wow! Your color sense is just making me so happy this morning -- thank you!!