Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Crazy Cushion

I put this bright ground together a long time ago, but never got to it until now. I did think it would be too bright for my lounge-room, but it looks nice.
I want to re-do all of my favourite stitches. In my former classes, I'd teach the stitches in various formats that I'd not even done myself. So, and old usual might be something I'd not sampled, for example the bullrushes. I've done the stitches all over the place, elsewise, but not as bullrushes.
The ladybird is a bare survivor of a cushion I made many moons ago. And the orange, pure silk velvet was a top my Grandma bought even longer ago.
I'm on a roll at the moment, all year in fact, to do those things I've intended. To use my best cloths, threads, my most nostalgic items and motifs. 
The bullrushes are made using wool I bought in Bayeux. A shop there had produced the same type of wool (and colours) as used in the famous 'tapestry'. How excited was I to find them!
If you ever can, go and see it. It's not just beautiful, it's clever, graphically. The story pulls you through and is highly artistic. A well drawn adventure cartoon.

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Unknown said...

I love hearing the story of your cushion! You should write the stories of your creations down for future generations. I love that your grandmother's silk velvet shirt is part of your cushion! You're inspiring me to finish, use my stuff and make more stuff!