Friday, August 26, 2016

Just Quietly...

It's the hubby's (60th) birthday soon, so I want to make something nice for us. I've long thought Log Cabin's were an excellent way to use/showcase my gorgeous fabrics. So here it is. I work on it at my Dad's, so he knows nothing about it. Surprise!

The only thing is, I leave for work while he's still in bed, then he turns it down to breathe and release boy fumes... and I maybe make the bed at night... so really the quilt will spend its beautiful, silken days on the floor in a crumpled heap. But there it is!
My Dad's enjoying the way the logs shading can be arranged to make various patterns. I may change it yet, as I delve into the ever reducing hoard of cloth and pick out new bits. But at least I can lay it out on the floor there. We don't have any floor over here at my house.

Japanese silks and other exotic lusciousnesses.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

It's so pretty. The colors change so subtly they look pained. I love it and I bet he will too.
xx, Carol