Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Our Wagga

The back of the new Wagga. A combination of bits and pieces I've collected, made, worn, purchased recently or over time.
The Mona Lisa tea towel's a beaut! I gave her a pretty crown of lazy daises.

The same as the last one I made my son, but this is all dyed (I ran out of the colours on his and we liked it so much I had to replicate it). So, it's all old blankets dyed with Landscape dyes.

Red bunny I had stitched on a skirt. The writing is from a tea cloth with Welsh Spoons all over it. A big part of my ancestry is Welsh and I have the looks, apparently, so...

I must have made that feathered star 25+ years ago! Note the John Wolfe's 'Paris Garret' ex skirt. 
There are the Welsh spoons. And a couple of bees from an old cushion I made a had as a class. Back in the day. I keep everything significant or loved, regardless of the space is takes up. It's my space anyway, so I may as well use it how I please.


Dianne Murcutt said...

I am loving this quilt...

occhitat said...

Marvelous way to use the treasured bits in the stash. Beautiful idea!
Katie V in NC USA