Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Sumptuous Seraphine

Finished this gooorgeous wrap, Seraphine, by Lucy Sweetland. Rowan's Creative Focus Worsted is discontinued, or I would use it for everything. Got it cheap, though, for that reason.

It wears (looks) like a stole. Very elegant.

I wouldn't do the ruffle (short rows) again. It looks like a bustle and unlike an actual bustle, which disguises a large behind, this accentuates it! So, I ran a few threads through the back to ease it in a little. My friend Jo says a large derriere is not a bad thing and I oughtn't to be concerned, but a lifetime habit is hard to drop!
I would also keep the ribbed top band 'live' rather than seamed at the shoulder, as you see in this bottom photo.
But, it's a great pattern and lovely to knit.

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