Tuesday, August 06, 2019

My First Ever Knitting Pattern

Pattern available at my Etsy shop.

Traditional Fair Isle patterning is a world of countless possibilities! 
These Wristwarmers are a play on shading and have been inspired both by my love of traditional knitting design and an all-consuming love fest with the many, many beautiful colours of Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift yarn.
How we place our shades and how many colours we choose... the positioning of lights and darks... Each will completely alter the appearance of a single pattern.
You may, of course, use any 4 ply for your own version. I sometimes like to mix fluffy or shiny yarns in with heathers etc. It’s a good project for stash-diving, or better, a happy excuse to buy new colours. 
I have added a black and white chart in case you want to mess about colouring in your own version. Get the kids involved. Remembering that each pair or grouping of colours needs to play well together and you're off and running. 
It's the funnest!

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