Monday, May 25, 2020

Leather Rug Hooking Gauntlet Pattern

Make sure to do a backstitch section at the edges. Notice I have left the unseamed edges raw, being leather. Just noted in case you want to hem.
To protect my hand, wrist and forearm from the nastiness of Gripper Strip rug frame injury, I made a single gauntlet using soft leather. I find it easier than using the cover and I can see the whole of the area I'm working on.
I have (or am about to) put the pdf  files on The Victorian Rug Makers,Yarra Valley Group Facebook, so you can download the actual size. If you search 'gauntlet' you'll find them.
I have broadish hands but thinnish wrists. I suggest you adjust the pattern with paper and sticky tape before cutting into any leather. Or run it up in calico.

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