Sunday, April 30, 2006

It's OK Now. I Have The Crazy Quilt Back...

This detail is within the outer border, and is my humble monogram as you see.

The stitches are Roman Stitch or Roumanian Couching and Detached Buttonhole, mostly. I used an upside down 'W' for the 'M', edited slightly.

If you have a look at CP5 over on the 'Bobby's Cards' link, you'll find where I first did the stitch. The design there is from a reproduction of an old book, 'Encyclopedia of Needlework' by Therese De Dillmont, and I followed it exactly, using my own colours. The book, by the way, is one of those you'd take if you were only able to take one or two books, you know, the old desert island scenario.

Please jump over to the Crazy Quilt site for more Crazy Quilt additions.

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