Monday, April 17, 2006

Just Back From A Little Holiday

And what a lovely couple of days we had. We have a caravan down near Wilson's Prom, and spent one day walking at Tidal River, another walking to Red Bluff and a third doing nothing at all. Well, when I say nothing, I sewed and my honey bunch drew.

This is a shocking photo (the only one I have) of a Wagga I made to demonstrate this 'building' method of construction at Geelong College a couple of years ago. I worked as Artist in Residence for their Art Week, where we had to entice the kids to join in lunch time activities. We had the greatest following, and a few amazing pieces were made. Hopefully a spark was lit in some creative minds? I had fun that's for sure.

The school motto was 'Reach For the Stars', and the Dave Graney song ''The Stars Baby, the Stars' kept going around in my head, so I stitched that on the front. Seeing that, many of the girls started embroidering things on theirs too, it was great!

I thought I'd compile a history of Wagga's to post here soon. It will require a little bit of research but I'll cobble something together. I realised that I have a little bit of authority on the matter, since I've been teaching the class for so long and have heard many stories, but I'll need to talk to a couple of key people first before I feel confirmed.

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