Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dog and Happy Tamborine Playing Cherub Details

I got these from a Filet Crochet book, a great source for silhouette cross stitch. The musical Cherub is worked on linen interfacing from one of my Grandma's overcoats. I put a glittery fabric underneath because I was going to make it as a stand alone piece, and have the frayed edges of the glitter showing behind the frayed edges of the linen... but it ended up on the quilt. The coat the interfacing is from is the blue one in the Wagga.
Around the cherub I worked Detached Buttonhole thingy's, which were intended to stand up, but they just curled up into nothing and so I fastened down the points.
And I thought you should know that I bought a bike today. It's a beauty, although the seat is a bit wobbly. Now my one true love and I both have one for when the idea of riding takes both of our fancy's at the same time. I know without you saying that you're all very happy for me, and I know that you don't say it sarcastically.

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Cat said...

I'm peeking in at your blog, and what wonderful colors this is! The cherub looks like he's in the middle of a fantastic sunflower.