Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I just found a photograph of where we lived before this. I painted all of the walls with Porter's paint in beautiful, rich colours, with some help from my lovely. From wherever you were in the house, each of the visible rooms complimented any others and it glowed with warmth and lovliness. I miss it sometimes. The garden you can see here was my little section of the garden, but the house was (is) set in 5 acres of an old, old exotic-treed forest up in Olinda (an hour East of Melbourne). I polished all of the floors with my little orbital sander and varnish. We had Lyre-birds down the back, even just behind the house. And wombats, possums of course, and all kinds of LBJ's (Little Brown Jobs or little brown birds). I worked next door at Cloudehill Garden & Nursery so it was heaven and heaven. Absolute visual feasts, both!
Now, Kejoma is called Rangeview, and it's been converted into a B&B. The new owner is lovely, but has renovated (not just superficially) and in doing so has had the house painted in the dullest pale greens (sorry if your house is pale green, yours is probably nice pale green, not insipid, awful pale green like my lovely old jewel cottage). The garden and view to Warburton are the same though, gorgeous. You can see Mt. Baw Baw on a clear day.
So... Kejoma as I knew it is no more. I have many happy and many sad memories there. A place of great comfort, it nestled (snuggled) a brilliant part of my life (6 years).
I thought I'd share as it's so pretty.


Maddie Can Fly said...

Such a beautiful picture - both the description of the house and the garden. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

An absolute dream house.....I found mine in Hana, Maui.....even has it's own (natural) waterfall. Wish I had the $700,000 US to buy it!!

I'm like you....love bright colors and a variety.