Tuesday, July 25, 2006

These Are My Favourites Of The New Girls

They're a bit wonky and I had to patch them because the gorgeous silk brocade I used in the legs frayed while it was being stuffed, but that adds to they're beauty. I've got a pink thing happening at the moment. I bought some pink Puma shoes which I havn't worn because they're so pink. Summer, I suppose, they'll come out of the closet.
I've never has proper runners before. I had tennis shoes when I was a kid, but never the runners the kids wear. But with my new job I'm sitting all day, so I've started getting off the train at Richmond and walking along the Yarra (river) into Melbourne and wandering around and about along the water until just before 9am. I get into Richmond at about 7.45. So... I thought I'd buy some proper shoes. I got some Reeboks too, on sale as it happened! It's good! My feet have never been happier. And the walk is lovely.

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