Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Introducing A New And Improved Abby & Bron Bron Doll!

I've done four new sets of twins... (As seen in today's Age Newspaper!) More photo's coming soon, as soon as I can get a little daylight. This photo is ok in front of the sand blasted container. Check out the Dolls site for more of their happy sisters. All of the girls (and Johnny the Mouse) are for sale, as are patterns to make your own.

Check out the links on the side bar to Bobby La's Beautiful Cushions, Bobby La's... er... ah... Cards, Bobby's Crazy Quilt, Drawings & Prints and so on. New Junk & Blather. I havn't been writing on Junk & Blather for a minute or two but I will! It's got some good stuff I've found here and there so have a squiz. Classes are finished for a bit I'm afraid.... need a break to get serious about the stitching and re-organise my beach time and fool around with my darling and do some art (or try).

Contact me at for anything, even nothing in particular... I like new friends!

Don't forget about poor Johnny will you. He's a favourite.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Robyne, just have to tell you that I just found you through toys without irony and saw the twin rabbits and nearly flipped. Love your work mate. I've just linked you to my inspiration list, hope you don't mind. You seriously rock. Best wishes, Shula