Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hello All You People Of The World! Hello!

It's not that I've stopped working on my many embroideries, but I havn't finished anything and... hate to sound egotistical and clandestine, but some of it is top secret!

APART FROM WHICH, Ruby's baby's blanket is in full swing and I've just started taking it to work, and I'm absolutely more than happy to share and I will take some photo's I will I will..

So what if it (the cashmere, the mohair) makes my uniform all fluffy? Who cares if I take up half the lunch room table? Most of the lunch room table. ALL of the lunch room table.

The biggest problem is... well, the biggest problems are: My beloved honey bunch and one true love is allergic to wool and therefore I cannot work on it at home. Not if I want him to be happy, and I do want him to be happy because then I'm happy. And I need to have all of my shortlisted colours available to me to be able to choose the correct shades for each next flower or bee or butterfly. So I must either: Choose in the dark, uninviting, lonely back room at home, safe from sniffling noses and watering eyes, and take the few neccesaries with me to work...

OR... take it all to work and stitch on the train, risking the inflicting of the aforementioned fluffiness or allergicnesses on unsuspecting and beautifully dressed (and deleberately fluff free)office type workers, then stitch some more at work.

Our lunch room is so tiny, I couldn't possibly spread the rug and all of the wools out in order to figure out colours. Besides, there's the shyness and the hating to bring attention to myself, which, being an adult I manage to ignore, uncomfortably... I don't care if my uniform is fluffy but I can't make that decision for everyone else can I? Or can I? Is the quest greater than the risk? More noble?

I could take a sheet to spread out in the changing room where I might lay everything out and choose my colours, thus avioding some of the congestion. OR, I could provide free 'brush-downs' to the staff, myself included, or I could buy my one true love some anti-thingamies...

It's the price we all have to pay for our art. It's not as simple as it seems. Sewing at work means one is the delegated button-sewing-back-on person, which is fine if they don't mind fluro yellow or gentle, pretty, pink gloss-mohair.

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