Monday, January 29, 2007

The Newest Little Darling Blossom Pie In My Family

I have to share my exquisitely perfectly amazingly fantastic news... My darling daughter Ruby has given birth by Caesarian Section to a tiny little blossom, Mercedes Ruby (already known as Sadie). 7lb, pretty, sweet, kindhearted (you can tell) and edible. I am completely besotted with both of them, and proud of my darlingest grandson for his (also) overwhelming adoration and big-brotherliness. And Dad who's so cute and who shared the experience with me and let me hold his hand. Born 25.01.2007 at 4.25pm. She is 2hrs old in these photo's.
I had to give her the Happy Bunny Baby Quilt. And coincidentally. Ruby had chosen these exact colours for the Nursery. Ha!

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Sandra Monat said...

CONGARTULATIONS and all the best for the baby and the mommy! The baby quilt is too cute, what a lovely present!