Sunday, January 07, 2007

This Is The Back Of One Of The Wagga's

I sold the wagga, but the buyer didn't like the back and had it replaced. Fine by me, since I doubt I'll ever find more of the flour sacks.

The back is put together using the Wagga Lilly bags, a couple of Silver Starch bags someone gave me and old fabric (much of which is perished and needs patching). The pieces are sewn by machine, then the seams Feather stitched. I like the pieced backs and will probably never again have only one fabric to cover the whole back, especially as I like to use vintage clothes so the pieces are smaller.

I made this Wagga when my fella and I were first together. It was the first thing he saw me make... you know... followed the process from beginning to completion. I know it impressed him because he told me so, so I wrote a snippet of Robert Burns on the back for him. Problem is, he's allergic to wool and so I couldn't use it! Ha ha ha!

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Anonymous said...

It incredibly beautiful.