Saturday, May 12, 2007

'The Nice Girls'

I saw an exhibition of Russian art some years ago, containing elaborate silver work, religious paintings, clothing etc. There were a few icon pieces that had halo's worked with the tiniest freshwater pearls I've ever seen. A solid mass of gorgeousness. I've always had it there in the back of my mind and so thought the nice girls deserved a lovely pink halo.
Again, I've no consideration and the photo is shocking. Silk is hard to photograph at the best of times and with my blatant disregard it's even worse. But there it is. Not finished by far, and the best fun I've had in ages.
I need to finishe the outlines and then wash the pencil off so I can see what needs doing.
You can tell how much they like each other. Best friends.


Sonya said...

I love this! What is this for? Does it have a home? Can you tell I am crassly jockeying for it?

Bobby La said...

Ha ha ha... But these girls like all of the 'Rabbits Cubby' girls will be for sale when they're all done. Melbourne somewhere...