Sunday, May 20, 2007

Update On The Nice Girls

I've included a few pale green beads in the halo which brings it together with the flowers on the girl's top and breaks up the pink. The beads will solidly silhouette their heads.
Hmm... I'm enjoying this so very much. My love and I laugh at our cheap and simple capacity for happiness, entertainment and excitement. Ha says he'd be happy for hours with a packet of elastic bands and I believe him. He's now playing with another new fishing rod and it's associated parephenalia and I'm staring for hours and hours at piles of beads. My neck is sore and I've had a headache the last few mornings. My eyes hurt and there are little pink beads everywhere I go. But it's too much fun and I endure stoically like the Scot's of my ancestry.
I suppose every nation has had to endure.. yes yes of course! It goes without saying. But we do it Scot style around here.
Look here for the previous installment of the piece. Or check 'The Rabbits Cubby' label.

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Sonya said...

I love it, I love seeing it in installment. I am a sucker for process.