Sunday, August 26, 2007

Beautiful Melbourne

Street Art to the Sars! We might put mad taggers in prison in this town, but we give space to the proper artists. Whatever you think of it, I'm proud. Dunno about the jail thingy though... bit tough... People should cut out the pure, dumb-arse defacing but jail... Hmm... why can't they be made to clean it all up and then help old ladies across streets or something? 20 old ladies and 3 months scrubbing walls and painting nice pictures with butterflies in kindergartens.
It doesn't look good to see some stupid name scribbled over everything in sight, but I absolutely love these big pieces. It's good. The train line from about Box Hill is really good at the moment. Them young'ens are really doing their best.

Even the lock on the door is happy in itself.

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Anonymous said...

i love this stuff too don't like ugly names just painted all over the place but some of the stuff is really great... my son had his mate for his 21st paint on our shed wall looks really fantastic to this day..yer jail is a bit tough but what would i know.. happy days margie