Sunday, August 05, 2007

I Made This For My Honey Bunch...

...Before he came to stay and I could keep him warm myelf. Although we do indulge in a bit of hot water bottle behaviour these days in spite of the 'spoons' advantage.
Even though my Mum had one burst on her and had a blister from elbow to wrist and down her back. Dad's high and remarkable qualifications as a first aid teacher and practitioner helped only in that Mum jumped straight into a cold shower. We know about burns and car accidents because of him...
The inside is so pretty (with the bee petit point) that it's been on the outside for a little holiday.
P.S. That's Maiden Hair stitch with Colonial(ish) knots.

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Anonymous said...

Hot water bottles rock. Unless they're too hot and you get burnt.
(psst - Tatura - it's the centre of the universe.)